Home Brewing Video’s

Here are some of my favourite homebrew advice video’s on You Tube. I found that it helped me to watch somebody brewing rather than just reading about it. It makes the whole process seem so much easier.

Craigtube is a great You Tube channel. Craig is genuinely helpful and has loads of interesting video’s. Check out his home brewing video’s which I think are great, especially for beginners. I found his advice very easy to follow. He is quite knowledgeable without being condescending like some of the other people who constantly criticise him on the forums etc. Like he says himself. Brewing should be fun, don’t take it too seriously. You can still take pride in what you do but don’t start looking down on others just because you think you know more than they do. Everyone has to start somewhere.


Craigtube video’s (good for beginners):

This will get you started. If I was you I wouldn’t just dump 1kg of sugar in there though. The brewing sugar that Craig uses is Coopers brew enhancer and contains some dry malt extract. I would try and get some dry malt extract if possible. Maybe use 750g of dry malt extract and 250g of sugar. But don’t just dump 1kg of household or brewing sugar in there or your beer will be thin, tasteless and twangy, more like cider than beer.

Another good beginners video that I found. He keeps it nice and simple without getting into too much detail.

All-Grain home brewing video’s:

This guys You Tube name is jimmythebrewer. He has very helpful all-grain video’s that are not too complicated to follow. He batch sparges like I do. I re-hydrate my yeast though before pitching it. I don’t have a temperature controlled fridge but would love one in the near future.


How to read a hydrometer:

This guys You Tube name is BrewTubeUK. He has many other home brewing video’s on his channel. Check him out. This video clearly explains how to correctly use a hydrometer among other things.

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